Article Processing Charges
Open access publishing is not without costs. To meet publishing standards, manuscripts need graphics, typesetting, and the editing services. Hence, like other open access publishers, we maintain its high quality of service by an ‘author-pay’ model. Thus papers that are accepted for publication following peer review incur a publishing fee (Original and Review papers; 250 USD, Case reports; 170 USD and letters; 100 USD). It should be mentioned that all authors have to pay the charges for publishing their articles. However, authors are considered for waiver or discounts according to the origin of authors and their papers. In addition, authors may request a waiver or discount during the submission process. Article-processing charge (APC) is paid after peer review and acceptance.

In order to enhance the quality of journal, high quality papers, especially the international and multicenter trials are accepted for publication free of charge. The decision would be based on the result of peer-reviewing of papers and decision of editorial office on each paper.

Withdrawal Policy for authors
Author are free to withdraw an article at no charge – as long as it is withdrawn within 15 days of its initial submission.
If you have concerns or questions about it, please contact us for further discussion. We
welcome your input.